A BIG thank you Katja for planning our special day. You are fantastic at what you do and everybody enjoyed our wedding day. We can’t thank you enough for your hard work making our dreams into reality.


Lucy & Mike



First of all I have to do a short promotion (of course NOT paid for …) for a very special young lady – our wedding planner Katja from Mallorca Boutique Weddings. Especially if you do not get married at home and like in our case you get married in Mallorca, you need someone on site to take over the organization. At home I probably would have done it myself BUT abroad it is very important to have a contact person on site. Katja actually comes from Germany, but is stationed in Mallorca all year round. So in Local quasi ?.

She made it as easy as possible for us. Apart from the visit to the wedding location last year in the summer, we had to fly only one extra time to the island, which was for menu tasting, discussing decoration and tasting cakes – and that’s it. She had everything under control and I say so as a former event manager ?.

Even during the wedding, she was “there” but not intrusive, just there. I can not describe this correctly, but I have experienced several times that wedding planners are so present at the celebration itself that half of that would be enough! And that wasn´t the case with her discreet presence and that’s how it should be, I think! THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING !!!!!! You made our day UNFORGETTABLE!!!!!!!!!



Dearest Katja,
An exciting, if not the most exciting, year is almost over and we still think daily about our dream wedding and are grateful to you from the bottom of our hearts.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Big hugs!
Aylin, Tobi & Summer



Hello Katja,

We are so slowly coming out of our big wedding cloud. Therefore, it is time to say THANK YOU again. You have guided us so well through our wedding and our preparations that we were able to plan a wonderful, unique and quite stress-free wedding with short time and effort. The day was unbelievably beautiful and it was just put together perfectly. Daniel and I could really enjoy the day completely relaxed and just focus on us and our guests. That would never have happened without you. All our friends and family were so enthusiastic about the location, the whole routine, the food, the relaxation, the many details and also of you. Some had already told you that directly. But I still get great feedback about you. Everyone thought you were great! And we, of course, very special. We could not have imagined a time that beautiful.

So really with all my heart again a big big thank you to you !!! I hope you can recover from the wedding season now.

And I hope we see each other again. We will definitely recommend you.

Best regards from winter-cold Berlin
Nina & Daniel



Dear Katja,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our celebration in Son Marroig being so memorable was to a large extent thanks to you. We are still speechless of how much love and joy we were allowed to experience and what luck we may call ours. All the love for you and your family.

Ally & Stefan



Dear Katja,

Better late than never! Did we laugh, dance and celebrate? Well yes! thanks to you, our wedding became a festival of festivals! From Port d’Andratx to Binorella to the beach club everything was absolutely great! The spontaneous concert, the incredible staff from the catering company, the number one food & a fine cake, straight from heaven! A wedding straight from a movie!

1000 thanks for everything dear Katja!

Big Hugs,
Nadine & Pipo



To Katjia:

Thank you for being the best wedding planner we could ever have hoped for!

Everything has been completely stress free from day one, leaving us only to get excited and fully enjoy our special day!

Lots of love,
Sarah & Michael



Dear Katja,

We would like to thank you very much for organizing the perfect wedding for us.

We are so glad that you have supported us so fantastically in the wedding organization and also on the day itself, and have been with us over the whole time with encouraging words and deeds!

Our wedding was perfectly organized thanks to you and we don´t know how we could have done it without you.

Thank you very much,
Hannah & Flo



Dear Katja,

We clapped, drank, danced, cried and laughed a lot. You have really made this weekend in Mallorca unforgettable for us.

Thank you for your energy, strength and incredible support. We are grateful to you for giving us the perfect weekend.

See you soon, hopefully.
Antonia & Sascha



Dear Katjia,

Thank you for all of your help in making our wedding day the BEST EVER! You’ve been patient and fantastic and we can’t thank you enough.
You can remember us as your slowest clients, haha !

Ben & Jaya



We wanted to reach out to join again to express our gratitude.

Thnx for arranging our wedding, it was super nice and we enjoyed every moment of it. Because you did such a great job we were able to really enjoy the whole day and be there in the moment.

We are so happy with the result of all the work you did and also we did together. Thnx for all your advice ?

Our guests really enjoyed the two days as well. Lot’s of comments mentioned something of a fairytale wedding, not a bad review ?

Again big thanks and big hug from Holland.

Always grateful!
Arjen, Loes and Rosaly