Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime celebration for you and your guests! Whether planning a traditional ceremony or an entire wedding event over an extended destination stay – your special occasion should be memorable and everything you ever dreamed of.

It is not uncommon for wedding celebrations to last for days and days in many cultures. Destination weddings feel similar. At Mallorca Boutique Weddings, we get many clients interested in three-day wedding plans, so we wanted to show you what makes an extended wedding stay in 2023 and give you some tips on impressing your guests.

Welcoming your Mallorca wedding guests

Travelling to an unknown place can be exhausting. Guests staying in hotels and accommodations will want to refresh, nap, and prepare their belongings for the main event. But then what… we don’t want guests just hanging out in the hotel lobby or separate from one another, do we?

Naturally, you’ll want all your guests to feel welcome right from the start – making your wedding full of love, life, and energy. To achieve this, we like to ensure everyone has a fun-filled itinerary from the get-go!

It’s guaranteed to make everyone feel appreciated and create a memorable vacation. A relaxed and casual welcome will ensure all your guests – even strangers – feel more comfortable and at ease on the day itself.

Planning your Mallorca wedding rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal dinners (or pre-wedding get-togethers) are an excellent way for all of your guests from both sides to make friends over a delicious meal and a few beverages in a light-hearted and casual atmosphere.

Rehearsal dinners have been around for a long time. The traditional practice of arranging a dinner before a wedding was developed hundreds of years ago for guests who arrived tired and hungry after travelling hundreds of miles for a wedding. So if you’re hosting many guests from out of town, this welcoming approach still makes sense today.

You can entertain your guests with whatever format you want. Of course, within reason – obviously, you might not want to host a big party the night before. But, any venue or restaurant overlooking the picturesque Balearic Sea is always an ideal option. For example, located in Palma, Purobeach is a glamorous Mediterranean hangout with food, drinks, lounges, terraces, and wellness treatments as part of its spectacular lifestyle concept – one we highly recommend.

Post Mallorca wedding days!

Congratulations, You’re Married…YAY!

The wedding was a hit. Everyone had a wonderful time, and everything went smoothly. However, a seemingly long event has now passed in a flash – and not all your guests have had enough time to be with you as a couple. For sure, they will want to share more moments with you, and as a result, post-wedding-day events can be incredibly special and worthwhile.

What could be better than continuing the party, laughing and talking about the beautiful ceremony memories, food, dancing, and everything in between? If you wish to entice your guests for one last afternoon of fun before they depart, Mallorca has plenty of trendy hot spots, villas and activities.

Mallorca restaurants and beach clubs for post-wedding days

Mallorca prides itself on beach clubs and stunning restaurant venues like the chic and glamorous Nikki Beach or the exclusive terrace and sky bar at Tree House by UM. These venues will allow you and all your guests to have a perfectly stylish afternoon to continue the wedding vibes while receiving 5-star service treatment.

Leisurely Mallorcan activities for post-wedding days

Suppose you want to make your guests’ last day extra unique and memorable; charter a sailing boat or a catamaran and offer a refreshing sundowner cocktail overlooking the Mediterranean could be the perfect option.

Alternatively, several couples have enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon on the tennis courts at the local members’ club with a lunch spot directly after.

For something more adventurous, you can try watersports, golf, hiking tours, and extreme sporting activities to keep you in good spirits during your post-wedding celebrations on the island.

Mallorca villa wedding pool parties and BBQs

A quiet Finca (farmhouse villa) is popular for day rentals. By doing so, guests can enjoy a luxurious home with all its comforts without arranging anything. Everyone can experience the Spanish lifestyle culture by relaxing by the pool while some stylish caterers prepare fresh Mediterranean cuisine, gourmet BBQs, and even a stylish cocktail bar.

Embrace the 2023 wedding trends with us at Mallorca Boutique Weddings

We create innovative and contemporary weddings alongside our top wedding providers to create beautiful wedding concepts for all our clients. Every couple is unique, so every trend should be personally customised, tailored, designed everlasting, distinctive, and unforgettable.

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