A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves an outstanding menu, provided by experienced, passionate and high-quality wedding caterers. We focus on choosing Mallorca’s finest industry experts, who stay on top of trends, provide the best cuisine, prioritise sustainability and fresh local produce –– and leave a lasting impression on your memorable day.

Discover our top recommended wedding catering service on the island that will really and truly ‘wow’ your guests.

Our recommended Mallorca wedding caterers

Our recommended catering company, FOSH Catering offers Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist, expertly prepared and elegantly delivered. Over the past decade, they’ve been listed as one of Mallorca’s top luxury catering companies –– and for good reason too. Their Mediterranean cuisine is avant-garde, original, sustainable, and stylish.

Due to their broad gastronomic variety and the most creative cuisines on offer, we have chosen them as our number one provider since day one. Their options are endless, and everything can be tailored perfectly to your needs.

Here’s why we love them!

A top-notch, restaurant caliber wedding catering experiene

FOSH Catering’s philosophy is to create lasting memories for each and every wedding. They strive to create a spectacular experience full of unique canapes, creative cocktail receptions, innovative food stations, tapas bars, rustic buffets, and formal dinners that are not only mouth-watering but also eye-catching. The team always handle everything with tender loving care.

You can expect every dish to be 100% handmade, with natural products, and always served with exclusive 5-star luxury restaurant quality. Their menus are filled with a rigorous selection of the finest ingredients with a personalised touch that is characterised by an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Fresh, seasonal and local wedding catering

We always recommend local, organic, and fresh catering. In addition to tasting better and having a higher nutritional value, selecting local seasonal produce also supports our local island community and environment.

FOSH Catering prides itself on using only fresh, top-quality ingredients. The food is always cooked on location and served at the tables right away. They even now have their own ‘Fosh Farm’ set in the beautiful Finca Son Mir. Their Mediterranean culinary garden is surrounded by red earth and olive trees and grows unique, seasonally appropriate crops. If something can’t be grown independently, it’s sourced as locally as possible. Great celebrations include great food. That’s why we choose the very best quality and style.

Sustainable wedding catering counts

Mallorca Boutique Weddings places a high priority on sustainability. As a result, we only recommend caterers whose take environmental practices into consideration. FOSH Catering understands that every choice they make affects the future. Sustainability is at the core of who they are, from composting kitchen waste to making use of every part of their ingredients. In their opinion, sourcing locally and thinking globally benefits everyone –– farmers, chefs, and diners. FOSH catering’s values living by nature, which is exemplified through their “Zero Waste” kitchen and their own FOSH Farm.

They’re great for couples who want something different and unique that reflects their values, love and story in a welcoming, inclusive, and personally tailored way. It allows for an unforgettable bespoke wedding and perfectly starts your day, your way.

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We create innovative and contemporary wedding food alongside our top wedding caterers to create beautiful wedding menus for all our clients.

Every couple is unique, so we pride ourselves on making every detail personally customised, tailored, distinctive, and unforgettable.

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