Throughout 2023, couples continue tailoring their weddings according to their personal tastes and preferences. As more and more clients choose unique themes, decorations and ceremonies that reflect their personalities, weddings are most certainly drifting away from the “traditional” style.

There’s a more unconventional approach, and couples are appreciating a more relaxed and less formal tone – especially regarding ceremonies.
As clients continue to be inventive and push creative boundaries… we look at the current wedding ceremony trends in 2023.

Bold decoration and striking statement ceremony aisles

As we previously discussed in our blog, Wedding Trends 2023: A Colourful Exploration of Creative Expression, colour is becoming more confidently used in wedding designs, combining striking and bold accents. Floristry with sculptural approaches is on trend as couples want to transform their entire venue into an art installations. It goes without saying that this includes the ceremony itself, where the decor and styling are all about making a big, bold statement.

Wedding ceremonies for 2023 now include long, striking, statement aisles with oversized elements and avant-garde vessels for flowers with design components traditionally found in interior design briefs.

Humanist wedding ceremonies

The concept may not be new to 2023, but it is generally now the ‘norm’. With more and more couples connecting from different cultural backgrounds, being universal in their beliefs, and tying the knot with same-sex partners – the humanistic ceremony is among the most popular.

They’re great for couples who want something different and unique that reflects their values, love and story in a welcoming, inclusive, and personally tailored way. It allows for an unforgettable bespoke wedding and perfectly starts your day, your way.

Unique and quirky wedding ceremonies

While the humanist ceremony reflects your values and celebrates diversity, it can also provide the opportunity to incorporate many unique and quirky elements. There’s no strict agenda here. By doing so, couples can express their personalities and create a truly special and meaningful ceremony. You can incorporate music, readings, poetry, and symbolic rituals to enhance your event.

Your ceremony can be as intimate, fun, feel-good, and fabulous as you like. Wouldn’t it be great if you walked down the aisle together with all your parents? What about involving and honouring your chosen family member or best friend in an unconventional but fitting way? Add a heartfelt gesture to your day. Don’t hold back. Personalise it, own it, and make it yours!

Please unplug and be fully present

In today’s digital age, most people see their life through their phones. Isn’t it heartbreaking to have your guests miss out on the details of your big day because they’re watching everything through their phones? Embrace the newest trend of unplugging and being present in 2023.

Some people choose to have an unplugged ceremony and a plugged-in reception, while others choose not to use any electronics at all. Ultimately, it is up to the couple to decide what is right for them, but the idea is to increase intimacy, presence, and focus on the day itself. As such, we support this wholeheartedly. Additionally, it allows the photographer to get some decent photographs rather than a ceremony filled with smartphones.

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