One of the coolest things about wedding photography is the ability to relive your special day for years to come. That’s why choosing the right wedding photographer that captures both your personality and relationship is essential.

As with all trends, wedding photography changes over time. In contrast to fine art, highly curated, aesthetically gorgeous photography seen in recent years, the wedding industry is taking a new photography approach to its trends and style this 2023. We’re seeing a shift away from perfection towards things that feel authentic, imperfect, vibey and a little vintage.

So, let’s look at some of the trendiest 2023 wedding photography styles we’ve seen so far.

Authentic black-and-white wedding photography

Stylish black-and-white wedding photography has something ethereal and mysterious about it. Effortless, classic, and natural – these images never get old. They stand out for their contrast, tonality, grain, shadows, and highlights – and perfectly stir up feelings and emotions that remain appealing forever. It will be a hot trend this year for many, and it perfectly pairs with those vintage retro trends.

Mallorca wedding film and video photography

The emphasis is shifting from a purely aesthetic look to a more raw, authentic look based on genuine feelings this season. The photojournalistic style is continuing upward and becoming more desirable throughout 2023. This is all about smiling, dancing, and authentically expressing your emotions however you wish – with an emphasis on “fun” rather than perfection. While digital photography will remain the staple for most weddings, we can all agree that film is now becoming the new norm. There is a sense of nostalgia, story-telling, and a fleeting quality to wedding films and videos that cannot be understated.

Disposable and polaroid photographs taken by your wedding guests

It is true that we cannot replace a professional wedding photographer to capture all the important moments and details on your big day. However, allowing your guests to catch unique and intimate shots on their own will be one of the biggest trends for 2023! It’s not just fun, fun, fun to have an array of polaroids and disposable cameras for your guests to get snapping, but it’s actually a great way of capturing moments that are spontaneous, personal, raw, and quite sentimental with a throwback to the 80’s vibe.

Choosing the perfect Mallorca wedding photography for you

Finding your ideal wedding photographer is about choosing a style that makes you feel confident as a couple. It’s not about the style as much as the emotion you want to convey behind it.

Mallorca Boutique Weddings has many international wedding photographers and videographers living on the island, making them an eco-friendly and local choice and an industry professional who knows the area well.

Choose a photographer whose style suits your personality and tells the story you want to remember. You are the star of the show on your special day, so make sure you are confident.