There’s only one dream wedding dress, and it’s out there, waiting for you! Choosing the perfect gown that fits your personality and reflects your unique style is the only way to feel confident on your big day.

So, if you’re interested in bold structures and striking personalisations, which add depth, dimension and texture to the usual wedding dress aesthetic. This year’s hottest trends may appeal to you.

Certain styles may work better for the more daring bride who demands attention, but plenty of other looks can work for the more elegant and modest bride. Either way, statement sleeves are in!

We’re excited to share one of our favourite 2023 trends, so be sure to check out the sleeves that will shape this year’s bridal looks.


Elegant-sleeved wedding dresses

The classic elegance of a sleeved wedding dress has remained a timeless touch in wedding gown designs for generations. But are sleeved dresses a modern-trendy look of today? The answer is yes! And they are returning in 2023 with more extravagance than ever before.

Sleeves, particularly long sleeves, might seem more conservative, but countless wedding designers have now proved that these can be equally sexy, fashionable and on-trend.

In addition, sleeves are suitable for every body type and style. And, if you want to show off a bit of skin or you’re worried about the summer heat, then an off-the-shoulder silhouette or removable sleeve style may be the answer.


Statement wedding dress sleeves

The ‘off-shoulder puff’ sleeve wedding dress

‘Off-the-shoulder puff short sleeve’ wedding dresses are romantic and edgy, adding an unexpected touch that’ll make your guests go wild. Trendsetting brides will love these designs, which often feature detachable options.

Seeing our 2023 brides be more daring this year when choosing their dresses is wonderful. Brides are going the extra mile to dress up and embrace these modern 80’s fairytale looks.


The ‘Bishop’puff sleeve wedding dress

Bishop sleeves are a complete bridal fantasy and a whimsical way to wear a long sleeve wedding dress. The full sleeve is drapey and cinches at the wrists for a “bubble” effect. Often designed in sheer, illusion fabrics for an ethereal appearance, the long bishop sleeve provides enough ventilation for warmer climates or can be incorporated with detachable options within the design – giving you two looks in one.


Illusions long-sleeve wedding dresses

Illusion long sleeves create the impression of bare skin while carrying the dress’s beautiful arrangement to the entire length of the arms. Stylish and elegant, this is a top favourite style among 2023 brides. Using sheer and lightweight net fabric, you can create an illusion that matches your skin tone, giving a summery vibe.


Short cap-sleeve wedding dresses

An undeniable sense of elegance and radiance can be imparted to a dress with cap sleeves. These sleeves provide coverage, structure, and support to the dress. Dresses like this are perfect for brides who want to look modest yet stunning. It is often more comfortable to wear cap-sleeve gowns in warmer climates, and they give our brides an added dimension to how they feel in their dresses. Whatever your cap sleeve fabric, whether silk or a small piece of lace, your guests will surely fall in love with it.


Choosing the perfect wedding dress for you

Finding your ideal wedding dress is all about choosing a style that makes you feel your very best. It’s not about the type of dress – it’s about the emotion behind it, so wear what makes you happy. Find designers that fit your aesthetic and try them on – remember, it’s your day, and your confidence counts.