Destination Weddings

Weddings. A once in a lifetime celebration for you and all your guests!

Some cultures are renowned for their lengthy wedding celebrations lasting over days and days, whilst others simply host a singular event on the actual day of the matrimony.

Either way, when hosting a destination wedding, many guests, if not all, will be travelling from far and wide. So, let’s run over a few ideas on how to impress your guests from the moment they arrive!

Make your Guest feel Welcome

Arriving into an unknown land after travelling can often feel exhausting. Guests arriving at hotels and accommodation will want to refresh, perhaps take a little nap, and organise their suitcases ready for the big day itself.

So, what happens next…

Well, we love making weddings full of love, life, and energy. And, we believe to achieve these sorts of weddings, guests must have a fun-filled itinerary and feel welcomed right from the start until they depart.

A Mallorca wedding spread over a few days, with special events arranged both ‘before and after’ the main occasion can make your guests feel incredibly gratified and will create a memorable vacation for all.

Everyone will be excited, but some may feel a little nervous. Kicking off the celebration with a relaxed and casual opening will ensure all your guests come together for a laid-back evening full of ‘meet and greet’ moments.

Moments where even strangers will have a chance to become acquainted – making everyone feel more comfortable and appreciated ready for the day itself.

Rehearsal Dinners

Rehearsal dinners (or pre-wedding get-togethers) are a great way for all of your guests from both sides to make friends over a nice meal and a few beverages, within a light hearted and casual atmosphere.

Rehearsal dinners have been around for an exceptionally long time. Although for some cultures, this may still feel like a relatively new concept.

Traditionally, rehearsal dinners were developed hundreds of years ago for guests who would have travelled for miles and miles to attend a wedding. On arrival, tired and hungry, guests would attend an arranged gathering where bellies were fed the night before the wedding.

So, if you are hosting a lot of guests from out of town, adopting this welcoming approach will be sure to kick off your Mallorca wedding in style.

Rehearsal dinners are usually the final pre-wedding event, and you can pretty much entertain your guests with whichever format you prefer.

We say this within reason. If you choose to host a big lively party, then perhaps the night before the big day is not so advisable. We do not want people ruining their enjoyment on your big day due to over-indulging the night before.

However, typically a rehearsal dinner occurs the evening before and options in Mallorca are abundant in variety.

Whilst you can opt to book a fancy table at a local restaurant, at Mallorca Boutique Weddings, we often encourage couples to take full advantage of any venue or location overlooking the beautiful crystalline Balearic Sea.

Most Mallorca Wedding Venues on offer boast of rustic and authentic country farmhouses, Finca’s, Mansion Estates and Castles. It would be a shame for all your guests to miss out on a glimpse or two of the Mediterranean Sea during their visit, especially if your chosen venue for the wedding day itself does not facilitate such sights. Venues like Purobeach in Palma offer a luxurious Mediterranean hangout directly on the sea with a spectacular lifestyle concept of food & drinks, lounges, terraces, pool, and wellness treatments suitable for all.

You do not need to go overboard either. A simple lunch, late afternoon or an evening with flying canapes, stunning beach barbecues or traditional Spanish tapa with Paella is a simple yet perfect option to create the right ambience and free flowing communication among all your guests.

You want to create an environment that allows everyone to get better acquainted and feel more settled in their new land, with both their new and old friends and family. Besides, anything too overpowering will take away from the final event itself.

A beautiful setting, some minimalist decoration, floral design, mouth-watering plates, free-flowing bars and some mood-setting music in the background is everything you need for the perfect rehearsal dinner or pre-wedding get together here in Mallorca.

Post Wedding Day Brunches

Congratulations, Your Married…Yay!

The wedding was a hit. Everything went according to plan and everyone had the most fantastic time. You must be ecstatic.

Now for the day after. We believe the post-wedding event is still incredibly important. Why? Weddings are very busy. Filled with moment after moment. Time will fly and what may seem like a long event will inevitably pass very quickly.

Not all your guests would have had enough time with you, both individually and as a couple. They will want to share more moments with you, and you in turn will want to say thank you all over again to everybody for their love and support.

Besides, what could be better than to continue the party, laugh and talk about the wonderful memories of the ceremony, food, dancing and everything in between, than with those who experienced it all with you the day before.

Weddings in Mallorca offer plenty of trendy hot-spots and activities to entice your guests for one last afternoon of fun before they travel back home.

Firstly, you will all need a well-deserved sleep after the previous late night. Mallorca can also get extremely hot in the daytime, so we would recommend allowing guests to utilise their own accommodation or hotel breakfast during the morning and opt to host something a little later in the day.

What is the best way to bring all your guests back together? Well, the beauty of Mallorca will do all the talking on your wedding planning visitation, we assure you. Food will obviously play a big part too. But, ultimately an environment in which everybody can be less formal and simply relax will be the winner.

Mallorca prides itself on many beach clubs and beach venues like the chic and glamorous Nikki Beach or the stunning Marina restaurant, terrace and skybar, 49 Steps Mallorca which will allow for you and all your guests to have a perfectly stylish afternoon to continue the wedding vibes.

However, sometimes couples wish to splash out and host their post wedding gathering on a sailing boat with a local yacht charter and offer guests a refreshing sundowner cocktail overlooking the Mediterranean out at sea.

Many choose a quiet Finca (farmhouse villa) to rent for the day. It provides all the comforts inviting guests to your own home, whilst not actually having to entertain or organise a thing.

Everybody can relax in complete luxury by the pool whilst some stylish caterers prepare fresh Mediterranean cuisine and pop-up a fashionable cocktail bar for everybody to feel immersed in the Spanish lifestyle culture.

There are plenty of ideas and styles to ensure your destination wedding is one long and memorable celebration. Mallorca Boutique Weddings are here to help you plan your dream wedding and all those surrounding special events to ensure everyone feels welcome and taken care of.

Are you embarking on the destination wedding planning journey? Contact us at Mallorca Boutique Weddings and together we will create the unique and unforgettable experience that you have always dreamed of.

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